We have provided rope, marine fittings/hardware, and specialty rigging products to all types of U.S. government users for more than 30 years. Below is a partial list of our most frequently used and asked for products. If it is not shown below, contact us, and if we do not have it, we should be able to let you know where you can get it.


Ocean Products has provided custom rigging services and products to the utility industry for over 30 years. We keep a large selection of ropes in stock to be fabricated into winch lines to your exact specifications by our professional riggers. We are a master service center for Samson Rope Technologies. Our riggers have over 100 years combined experience.

Utility Services Products

Here is a list of the most popular products that we provide our utility customers:

  • Winch Lines
  • Slings (Web, Rope & Chain)
  • Nylite Fittings
  • Stringing Lines
  • Adjustable Slings
  • Chain Fittings
  • Shackles
  • Hooks
  • Auger Windup Line
  • Rope / Line (All types & constructions)
  • Tenex
  • Stable Braid
  • Dura-Plex
  • AmSteel II
  • AmSteel Blue
  • AmSteel
  • AmSteel Gray
  • 3-Strand
  • Double Braid
  • 8-Braid
  • 12-Strand


The Ocean Products Research (OPR) Helicopter Recovery Pendant is designed to connect external vertical loads to a helicopter quickly, safely, and efficiently.

The pendant is made from double braid, torque free, synthetic rope. A rigid plastic pole, referred to as the "reach tube," encases the center portion of the pendant. It provides a means to "reach" and place the upper eye on the helicopter hook as the helicopter hovers above a load to be lifted.

The upper, or top, eye is encased in a preformed semi-rigid urethane shield which provides a means to place the upper eye on the helicopter hook. The shield also protects the strength member rope from wear, chafe, and cuts. The lower, or bottom, eye is larger than the top eye which provides a larger area for additional slings to be employed for lifting. The bottom eye also protects the rope strength member with a nylon-reinforced urethane protective shield. Both of the protective shields (top and bottom) allow the rope strength member to move or stretch freely under load. The pendant is 100% synthetic which minimizes electric static shock.


P/N 27232 / BOS-14-K7
NSN 4020-01-337-3185
S.W.L. 25,000 lbs 11,340 kg
Helicopter Recovery Pendant Registered Trademark "Reach Pendant”
P/N 27232 / DSG-5-11K
NSN 4010-01-365-3115
11,000 lbs - 4,990 kg Unit Weight - 9.0 lbs net


NSN 4020-00-238-6148
NSN 1450-01-219-4360
P/N 2643484
Safe working load 6,000 lbs
Legs must be ordered separately.


NSN 4020-00-238-6148
P/N 2614975
Safe working load 4,000 lbs


US Coast Guard Pendant
Safe Working Load 5,000 lbs


Safe Working Load 5,000 lbs

In addition to these standard pendants, we will customize our pendants to suit your job or aircraft. We can change overall lengths and pipe lengths. We can also make different size eyes (loops) and put on various types of fittings, hooks, etc. The working loads we now manufacture range from 5,000 lbs to 25,000 lbs. Call us with your special needs.


Image SN 1670-01-065-0851 Made in accordance with drawings 829 AS 201-1
We make two variations of the S.P.I.E.S. rope. The standard rope is 120 ft long and is coated with a clear abrasion resistant coating. The other one is 150 ft long with a black abrasion resistant coating. The lines come with ten D-rings per line. The D-rings are proof tested at 2,500 lbs. The entire S.P.I.E.S. line is proof tested at 10,000 lbs.
We normally keep several of each type in stock for immediate shipment. Call us at 1-800-627-6008 for prices or if you have questions.


Image Made in accordance with military specification: Mil-F-44422, fiber rope assembly, insertion/extraction (FRIES).
Ocean Products furnishes fast rope in several variations and we will make any length you wish (we do not recommend lengths longer than 120 ft). We stock both O.D. green and white. We can furnish the fast rope with or without the insertion/extraction loops. Our fast ropes have a soft eye splice (loop) in the top and are whipped and heat sealed on the bottom. In addition to the loop, we can also install a steel ring in the line so that the line may be hooked to the davits that are found on certain helicopters. The eye splice is the strongest and safest method of terminating this line. It develops approximately 90% of the break strength of the rope versus other fittings that only develop 25%. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you need prices or deliveries, please call us at 1-800-627-6008.

Special Operations Ladder

Image Average rope strength 5,600 lbs. each side.
Each rung tested to 600 lbs. in both directions.
Custom lengths available.

Custom Made Lines


All types of synthetic rope, any length, with various end fittings.
(Thimbles, Nylites, etc.)


All types, any length, eyes of any size.
Eyes can be coated with urethane or protected with chafe sleeve.


All types, any length.


Rope Slings, Web Slings, Roundslings, Chain Slings


Messengers & Transfer Assemblies


Custom Splicing Services


Image We provide a complete line of coating services for chafe protection. Urethane coated eyes, abrasion resistant coating at wear points, etc.


Image Shackles, Swivels, Links, Turnbuckles, Thimbles, Snap Hooks, Blocks, etc.
Stainless steel or galvanized.


Image Yes, we provide these as well!