Double Braid


Super Strong (Nylon)
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Super Strong is a firm but flexible double braid of high-tenacity nylon fiber treated with Pro-Gard marine finish, which maximizes wet wear life and strength. If meeting military specifications is required, please state when ordering or requesting a quote.

  • Durable
  • Excellent shock mitigation
  • Firm construction
  • Pro-Gard Marine Finish
  • Remains flexible with use
  • Shrink resistant
  • Anchor Line
  • Dock Line
  • General Working Line / Vessel Mooring
  • Lifting Sling / Utility
  • Mooring Pendant
  • Other Fishing Line
  • Secondary Mooring Line
  • Shock Line
  • Tug Pendant


Specific Gravity:

Elastic Elongation Percentage:
At % of break strength
10%: 3.00%
20%: 5.30%
30%: 6.70%

Splicing Procedures Required:
Double Braid Class I
Diameter Circumference lbs/100ft Avg. Strength Min. Strength Diameter Circumference kg/100m Avg. Strength Min. Strength