Double Braid


AmSteel ® II
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AmSteel ® II has a strong core with a cover that creates a firm rope while serving to protect the strength-member core. This rope has extremely low elongation and is a lightweight replacement for wire rope. Coating enchances abrasion resistance and

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Low elastic elongation
  • Wire rope replacement
  • Pulling / Stringing Line
  • Winch Line / Utility


Specific Gravity:

Elastic Elongation Percentage:
At % of break strength
10%: 0.50%
20%: 0.67%
30%: 0.96%

Splicing Procedures Required:
Double Braid Class II
Diameter Circumference lbs/100ft Avg. Strength Min. Strength Diameter Circumference kg/100m Avg. Strength Min. Strength