Ocean Products houses the equipment required to test for certification of synthetic sling and hardware fittings up to a 400,000 lb. capacity. We want to have security and quality before we ship anything out the building.

Proof LoadingBreak Test

A proof test is a form of stress test to demonstrate the fitness of a load-bearing structure. At our facility We subject rope/chain to loads above that expected in actual use, demonstrating safety and design margin.
Proof tests may be performed before a new design or unit is allowed to enter service, or perform additional uses, or to verify that an existing unit is still functional as intended

Testing FacilityOur Capabilities

400,000 lb. Capacity
20 ft. of Stroke
95 ft. Long Pin to Pin
Proof Testing
Break Testing
Cycle Loading to Your Specifications
Adjustable Ram Speed 1" to 18" per Minute
Computer Generated Elongation and